What is Virtualisation and why do you need to start implementing it in your business? 

What is Virtualisation and why do you need to start implementing it in your business? 

The world is changing everyday, industrialising, digitising and now virtualising! What is that saying? Adapt or die? For those of us living in Zimbabwe, we are fairly familiar with that concept! Many of you will have already heard the word virtualisation and maybe even how it can save your business time and money? We are here to tell you exactly what it means as well as how it can help you run your business more efficiently.

What is Virtualisation?
Virtualisation references the development of computing amenities that are comprised of software as opposed to physical hardware. Whether these resources are storage networks, “apps”, or even whole servers, the thing they have in common is that they are located online. Virtual computing resources work in the same way their physical counter parts once did, they simply function online thus saving your business space and lots of money in the long run. Statistics show that some businesses have saved up to 70% on IT costs. AmbroseIT have a few virtualisation solutions your business can try that is sure to save your company a penny or two!


One of the great things about virtualisation is that it can be tailored to suit your business needs. At AmbroseIT, the first thing we do is ask our clients if we can analyse their current set up. Thereafter, we look at what virtual options would work best for them and scope a “remote access” or “remote desktop” solution that makes the most sense for their company.

Enhances Efficiency

Virtualisation greatly increases businesses efficiency because it maximises on each and every computing resource at its disposal. As a result, a company will use less physical servers that have the potential to crash causing chaos in the work space. Virtualising means you can recover data more easily, lower maintenance costs as well a reduced electricity bill! In addition to these huge company life savers, virtualisation enables your business to have one centralised management system which great amplifies the proficiency of administrative tasks. AmbroseIT have actually assisted a few Zimbabwe companies with centralising their workflows using better IT solutions. Just because you are not ready to totally virtualise yet, doesn’t mean we can’t help you in other ways that will better assist your business.

Saves Space and Time

Traditionally when a company decided to move to new offices there was the difficult task of moving physical hard drives and risking damaging those drives and losing valuable data. When you virtualise you take away this stress! Virtual machines are defined more by software so they can be moved more easily from place to place. This also means that you can access your work files from you phone, laptop or desktop! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that working remotely or at least being able to work remotely is essential to business success.

Do you understand the concept of virtualisation any better? Do you think your business could benefit from some of these solutions? If so, please do get in touch and we can talk you through our IT solutions and packages.

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