Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formally Office 365 is an incredibly effective tool for businesses. It connects your staff to the people. information and content they need in order to complete their work to the very best of their abilities from any device from anywhere in the world. This suite is paid for annually or monthly as opposed to a once-off fee. It combines a multitude of online services, including but not limited to, business email, cloud file storage and secure communications in addition to the desktop apps you are used to. AmbroseIT is a Microsoft partner and can help choose and set up the right Microsoft 365 plan for you.

Depending on what kind of plan you are working with Microsoft 365 will give your employees access to the following:

  • Group chats, calling in Microsoft Teams and online meetings.

Perhaps one of the most used features in Microsoft 365 in 2020 is Teams. This platform has enabled employees to successfully work from home in 2020 with little to no stress. Microsoft Teams is an effective and collaborative platform which offers HD video conferencing, instant messaging within your team and channel-based architecture. Teams successfully combine all the tools you need in one place…there is no need to jump from slack to Skype to WhatsApp to Asana!  Tasks, to-do lists and allocated work is all focused in this area where each employee has full access to the information they need at the touch of a few buttons. AmbroseIT staff have seen the benefits first hand while working online from home this year and even working from the office. It has eliminated a lot of back and forth and created a dynamic, productive workspace for our team.

  • SharePoint and security
SharePoint’s interface works in sync with Teams enabling members to share files and streamline their collaborative work and files from anywhere, including the classic and familiar interface of File Explorer using the modern OneDrive sync client. This platform not only gives employees a place to share files easily, it also provides a secure space for staff to communicate freely without the risk of a security breach. SharePoint and Exchange Online have administrative controls that prohibit users from sharing confidential company information to anyone outside of the business. This is extremely valuable for those businesses working on classified documents from home computers.
  • Email and calendars using Outlook and Exchange.

Microsoft 365 is so in sync, you can have your calendar, Outlook and Exchange Online work together. When you subscribe to 365, you gain access to a 50 GB mailbox accessible through any mobile or laptop or tablet from anywhere. Spam and malicious mail filters are built into the feature, plus you can create and use shared mailboxes. This is very useful for project collaboration.

  • 1TB of One Drive storage.

Did you know that Microsoft 365 offers subscribers up to 1TB of personal OneDrive space? Through the OneDrive Sync Client or OneDrive App on mobile devices, you can access this storage from virtually anywhere, enabling users to view and manage their files and information on the cloud anytime, anywhere. If 1Tb is not enough for your users then you can request additional space through your channel partner or administrator for additional storage plans

If you are interested in using Microsoft 365, we would be happy to help get you set up!

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