AmbroseIT top tips for working from home

AmbroseIT top tips for working from home

We start 2021 back in lockdown in Zimbabwe which means getting set up for work from home again. Working from home is not as easy as it sounds, there are plenty of distractions, many of us do not have the equipment of technology to do it well as well as not having a dedicated space to work from. AmbroseIT can help you with at least one of those problems, we have successfully helped set up several Zimbabwean businesses to be able to work from home over the last year including Dharwizi and Kefalos. Have a look at the following tips for how to work from home effectively and efficiently or get in touch with us if you think we can help your employees and you work from home with ease.

Set up a comfortable permanent workspace

The very first step you need to take when working from home is to set up your “home” office. It will be really hard to do constructive work if you do not have a place dedicated to working. When setting up your work space be sure your space is comfortable. Comfortable chairs, desk, or a lift for your laptop, perhaps a wireless keyboard or mice can help you, depending on your preference. Whether you have a spare room you can convert into an office or you put a desk in your bedroom, it needs to be a space where it is quiet and you can close the door to the outside world and focus.

Invest in quality technology

This is where we come in! You need to allow yourself the tools to succeed. Working from home is very different to working in an office so you need to change the way you do things (just a little). AmbroseIT helped Dharwizi by deploying solutions that work remotely. For example, ensure you’re using centralized in-office systems and applications protected by adequate firewalls that allow team members to access resources securely from home all whilst ensuring the security of your data isn’t compromised. In addition to this, you need to ensure you have fast wifi so your calls and collaboration work is not impacted by slow or intermittent internet. A good pair of headphones will definitely help you to be more productive and if you usually work off two screens it would be in your best interest to try and continue doing that at home.

Set yourself some non-negotiable work hours

Now you are working from home and have your desk and home office ready to go, you need to set yourself some work hours and stick to them. It is probably best you try work within your normal schedule however, we know that when working from home this can change. So, if you know you are most productive early in the morning then use this time away from the office to take advantage of that. Wake up at 5, do some exercise, eat breakfast and get started as early as 6:30. Then, if you do not have work calls past 3 pm you can clock off early when you stop being as productive. The same goes for late evening workers. If you know when your most productive hours are, try work that into your schedule and take advantage of it. You will probably find that your work is better and done to a higher standard. This is all so long as when the team calls are scheduled you are available. Lastly, do not forget to stop working. Work from home does not mean you never get a break so when its time to knock off, leave your desk and rejoin your family life.

Designate a teamwork app

There are so many work from home or organisational apps out there that you can use but the trick is to stick to one app across the board. If everyone likes Microsoft, then everyone must use and set tasks due there and if everyone likes Asana, Trello or Basecamp then everyone must use only that. The problem comes when one company has team members using several apps to set tasks and people are not looking at the multitude of apps all the time to keep updated. Working from home means streamlining everything because you cannot simply walk over to your colleagues desk to confirm anything face-to-face. AmbroseIT use Microsoft Teams because everything can be accessed in one place plus users can chat there too which is a huge help as you no longer have to jump between Whatsapp and your task app, it is all there.

Use video chat to keep in touch with colleagues

Face-to-face communication is very important when working from home. It is super important to touch base with colleagues, run through projects and tasks completed. A lot of communication via text, instant messaging and email is lost in translation and tone cannot be accurately conveyed. Schedule a time every day at the start of the day or even week at the start of the week to sit and video call with individual team members or all together depending on what you need to achieve. AmbroseIT have had a fantastic work from home experience with Microsoft Teams and it allows all your secure information to remain so.

We hope these little tips and tricks help you in your endeavours to work from home and if not, you know who to call!

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