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How to Spot a Phishing Attack

Although you may think that spotting a phishing email is as easy as well…spotting the difference between these two fishing images below, the attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to ident...

AmbroseIT top tips for working from home

We start 2021 back in lockdown in Zimbabwe which means getting set up for work from home again. Working from home is not as easy as it sounds, there are plenty of distractions, many of us do not have the equipment of technology to do it well as well as not having a dedicated space to work from. AmbroseIT can help you with at least one of those problems, we have successfully helped set up several Zimbabwean businesses to be able to work from home over the last year including Dharwizi and Kefalos. Have a look at the following tips for how to work from home effectively and efficiently or get in touch with us if you think we can help your employees and you work from home with ease.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formally Office 365 is an incredibly effective tool for businesses. It connects your staff to the people. information and content they need in order to complete their work to the very best of their abilities from any device from anywhere in the world. This suite is paid for annually or monthly as opposed to a once-off fee. It combines a multitude of online services, including but not limited to, business email, cloud file storage and secure communications in addition to the desktop apps you are used to. AmbroseIT is a Microsoft partner and can help choose and set up the right Microsoft 365 plan for you.

What is Virtualisation and why do you need to start implementing it in your business? 

The world is changing everyday, industrialising, digitising and now virtualising! What is that saying? Adapt or die? For those of us living in Zimbabwe, we are fairly familiar with that concept! Many of you will have already heard the word virtualisation and maybe even how it can save your business time and money? We are here to tell you exactly what it means as well as how it can help you run your business more efficiently.

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